A Pen Can Speak to Your Clients

How much difference can one pen make in a sales and marketing effort?  If you are providing eco-friendly products and services in the hospitality industry, then one eco-friendly pen will make a powerful statement about your environmental awareness and social responsibility.

Gerri Weiner is Vice President of Business Development at Green Promotional Items, a division of The Graphic Group. She states, “When I founded Green Promotional Items in 2008, I wanted to fill a void.  Hotels and suppliers in the hospitality industry were greening everything but under estimating the impact of their promotional items.  I would go to an eco-friendly conference and see that the notepad and pen on the table weren’t eco-friendly.  Think of what it says when you promote your environmental awareness with gifts that pollute the environment.  I wanted to fix that inconsistency and give the hospitality industry a chance to reinforce its environmental message”

Sustainability programs in the hospitality industry cover all aspects of how hotels do business from their choice of cleaners to the way they process waste food and trash.  But Weiner points out that guests are often oblivious to those choices.  “If your business is committed to the environment,” she argues. “why keep it a secret?  I believe in letting your customers and guests see the visible signs of your environmental awareness with promotional products that are eco-friendly.”

For example, recipients notice if a sales conference offers recycled note pads; if a hotel event features eco-friendly sports bottles rather than plastic water bottles; and if a vendor’s pen is a green as the rest of the vendor’s offerings.  Todays’ promotional choices include items made from organic, biodegradable, compostable, recycled, post-industrial or solar-powered products.  These items can be imprinted, embroidered, laser engraved, or embossed with your company’s message or logo.  More important, the promotional items reinforce the message that the hospitality industry is committed to sustainability programs at every level, even in choices as small and powerful as a pen.

Gerri Weiner is available to talk with hotels and their suppliers about their promotional goals and the wide selection at GreenPromotional Items, a division of The Graphic Group.  She can be reached at 781-365-1596 or email at gerri@greenpromotionalitems.com