Green Promos NEW Blog - About us!

GreenPromotional Items, a division of The Graphic Group, was launched in 2007 in response to a growing demand for promotional products that were environmentally friendly, and, whenever possible made in the USA.

By choosing Green Promotional Items, you make a statement about your organization's commitment to sustainable and eco -friendly business practices.  Together, we share the common goal of preserving our planet and its environmental resources.  We believe in products that are good for your business and good for  preserving and protecting our planet for future generations

What sets us apart?

We become your “personal shopper” while staying within your budget.  With many options available the process can be daunting.    Whether you are a seasoned buyer or new to the process, we take the stress out of your next purchase and guide you through from start to finish.

Our motto:  Build not for today alone but for tomorrow as well! 

Each time a purchase is made that demonstrates the commitment to sustainable practices and supports products of the USA …we are building for tomorrow.